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Dr. Leo Niehorster *
Here is a picture of me (July 2013)
Born 8.02.47 (8 February 1947) in s'Gravenhage (The Hague), Netherlands.
Mother: American
Father: Dutch
1947–1950     Holland
1951–1952     Peru
1953–1954     Holland
1954–1955     England
1955–1956     Holland
1956–1967     Mexico
1967–1968     Canada
1968–1969     USA (at last, and then ...)
1969–1972     US Army (various bases in the US, last assigned to HHC, 130th Engineer Brigade (Germany)
1972–2020     mostly Germany (married, divorced, and just sorta stayed here ..., now in Hannover, Lower Saxony
1976               France
1977               England
Employment and Education:
1956–1963     Student; Greengates, Mexico City, Mexico
          1964     Student; High School: American School Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico
1964–1967     Student; University of the Americas, Mexico City, Mexico [Studium Generalis]
1965–1969     Various odd jobs in Mexico, Canada, and the USA.
1969–1972     US Army, SP5, Legal Clerk; USA and Germany [Honorable Discharge]
1971–1972     Student; University of Maryland, European School Division [Studium Generalis]
1973               Dunning Clerk; Hertz Rent-a-Car GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
1973–1977     Student; European Business School, Frankfurt/Paris/London [Business Administration]
1976–1979     Student; Betriebswirtschafts-Akademie, Wiesbaden, Germany [Diploma: Betriebswirt (BWA)]
1977–1980     Assistant Manager; Europäischer Privatschuldienst GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
1979               Student; Columbia-Pacific University, Calif., U.S.A. [Diploma: MBA–external]
1979–1980     Student; Columbia-Pacific University, Calif., U.S.A. [Diploma: PhD, History–external]
1980–1990     Product Manager Long-Haul Destinations; TUI GmbH & Co, KG, Hannover, Germany
1991–1992     Student; ProCon, Hannover, Hannover [Diploma: Systems Developer IT und Telecommunication]
1992–2002     Managing Director; Dr. Niehorster Computer GmbH, Hannover and Deggendorf, Germany
1995               Student; Apple Center, Ismaning, Germany [Diploma: Authorized Apple Technical Service Provider]
1996–1997     Technical Supervisor; Freeport Soft- und Hardware-Handels-GmbH, Deggendorf, Germany
1997–2012     Manager; Institut für Unternehmensberatung, GmbH, Karben, Germany
2005–2009     Accounting, Membership, IT; SV Odin e.V., Hannover, Germany (volunteer, unpaid, part-time job)
2012               Retired
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This site.
Hobbies (in no particular order)
Movies (I'm an easy chair adrenaline junkie)
Music: classical, rock, techno, deep house
Scuba diving (in clear water)
Sailing (anywhere, anyway, anytime)
Walking in the rain
Alpine skiing (well, that's a long time ago, now)
Reading: science fiction/fantasy, adventure, military history
Miniatures (1:200 WWII metal vehicles (divisions of them!!), 1:1250 Russo-Japanese War metal waterline ships)
Cooking (I weigh waaaaaay too much)
Eating out (see above)
* The "Dr." is an integral part of the name in Germany once the Ph.D. is accredited here. This is why you also see this title as part of names of officers in the former Wehrmacht and the modern-day Bundeswehr. Hence, please don't take this as pomposity on my part, but as complying with the German practice. (Well ... "Herr Doktor" does impress officials and other self-important people, making life just a bit easier in Germany.)
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