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German Army and Waffen-SS
German Army   Waffen-SS US Army Equivalent  
General Ranks General Ranks General Ranks
G5 Gen.Feldm. Generalfeldmarschal General of the Army G5
G4 Gen.Ob. Generaloberst SS-Obstgruf. SS-Oberstgruppenführer General (lit.: "Colonel General") G4
G3 Gen.d.Art.
Gen.d. ...
General der Artillerie
General der Infanterie
General der Kavallerie
General der Panzertruppen
General der ...
SS-Ogruf. SS-Obergruppenführer Lieutenant General ("Artillery")
Lieutenant General ("Infantry")
Lieutenant General ("Cavalry")
Lieutenant General ("Armor")
Lieutenant General (" ... ")
G2 Gen.Lt. Generalleutnant SS-Gruf. SS-Gruppenführer Major General G2
G1 Gen.Maj. Generalmajor SS-Brig-Fhr. SS-Brigadeführer Brigadier General G1
Officer Ranks Officer Ranks Officer Ranks
SS-Oberf. SS-Oberführer (lit.: "Senior Colonel")
O6 Ob. / Obst. Oberst SS-Staf. SS-Standartenführer Colonel O6
O5 Oberstlt. Oberstleutnant SS-Obstubaf. SS-Obersturmbannführer Lieutenant Colonel O5
O4 Maj Major SS-Stubaf. SS-Sturmbannführer Major O4
O3 Hptm.
SS-Hstuf. SS-Hauptsturmführer Captain
Captain ("Cavalry")
O2 Oblt. Oberleutnant SS-Ostuf. SS-Obersturmführer 1st Lieutenant O2
O1 Lt. Leutnant SS-Ustuf. SS-Untersturmführer 2nd Lieutenant O1
As with many European armies, the rank designation of Brigadier General did not exist in the German Army, and Colonels were promoted directly to the rank with the designation Generalmajor (Major General). The US Army equivalent ranks indicated here can therefor only be an indication of the hierarchy.
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