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Soviet Navy
Naval Vessels
ACM Auxiliary Minelayer
AFD Mobile Floating Crane
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGB Icebreaker
AGP Patrol Craft Tender
AGS Surveying Ship
AK Cargo Ship
AM Minesweeper
AO Tanker (Oiler)
AP Transport
ARS Salvage Ship
AS Submarine Tender
AT Tug
BB Battleship
CL Light Cruiser
CM Minelayer
DD Destroyer
DL Destroyer Leader
IX Unclassified, miscellaneous
SS Submarine
YB District Barge
YY District Motor Boat (General Purpose)
Patrol Craft and Coastal Forces
PA Motor Antisubmarine Vessel
PAC Auxiliary Antisubmarine Trawler
PAM Auxiliary Minesweeper
PC Patrol Craft / Corvette
PCM Patrol Craft / Minesweeper
PE Patrol Escort - drifters, trawlers, cutters
PF Frigate
PG Gun Boat
PGA Armored Gun Boat
PLC Landing Craft
PLAA Antiaircraft Landing Craft
PML Motor Launch / Motor Boat
PMS Motor Mine Sweeper
PS Patrol Sloop
PSC Patrol Boat, Submarine Chaser
PT Motor Torpedo Boat
PTC Motor Torpedo Boat, Submarine Chaser
PY Small Converted Yacht
PYc Converted Coastal Yacht
River Craft
RAA River Antiaircraft Floating Battery
RB River Base Ship
RD River Depot Ship
RFB River Floating Battery
RG River Gunboat
RGA River Gunboat - Armored
RGAA River Antiaircraft MG Gunboat
RH River Hospital Vessel
RHQ River Staff - Command Vessel
RK River Cargo Ship
RM River Monitor - Armored Patrolboat
RMB River Fast Motorboat
RMG River Motor Gunboat
RML River Minelayer
RMM River Motor Missile Boat
RMMS River Motor Mine Sweeper
RMS River Minesweeper
RN River Net Layer
RP River Transport
RPC River Patrol Craft
RT River Tug Boat
RW River Floating Workshop
RY River Yacht
RX Miscellaneous River Vessel
Misc. Abbreviations
(F) Flagship
G gun
H howitzer
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