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Soviet Navy
Soviet Union Navy United States Navy equivalent rank
G4 Адмира́л фло́та (Admiral Flota) [1]   Admiral Adm
G3 Адмира́л (Admiral)   Vice Admiral VAdm
G2 Ви́це-адмира́л (Vice Admiral)   Rear Admiral RAdm
G1 Ко́нтр-адмира́л (Kontr Admiral)   Commodore [2] Comd
O6 Капита́н 1-го ра́нга (Kapitan, 1-go ranga)   Captain Capt
O5 Капита́н 2-го ра́нга (Kapitan, 2-go ranga)   Commander Cdr
O4 Капита́н 3-го ра́нга (Kapitan, 3-go ranga)   Lieutenant Commander LtCdr
O3 Капита́н-лейтена́нт (Kapitan Leytenant) kpt.-leytn. Lieutenant Lt
O2 Ста́рший лейтена́нт (Starshiyi Leytenant)   Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lt(jg)
O1 Лейтена́нт (Leytenant) leytn. Ensign Ens
Мла́дший лейтена́нт (Mladshij Leytenant)   (Sub Lieutenant) Sub-Lt
E* Курсант (Kursant)   Midshipman Mid
E* Мичман (Michman)   Petty Officer PO
Transliterations are approximate as there is no standard convention for converting the Cyrillic alphabet to Modern Roman.
The Russian Navy included land-based units, (naval infantry, coastal artillery, etc.), which used the nomenclature of the ground forces.
[1] There was no rank in the Soviet Navy higher than Admiral until 1944, when Admiral Flota (Admiral of the Fleet) was introduced.
[2] Up to April 1943 the USN rank of Commodore was Rear Admiral (Lower Half) [R.Adm. (LH)], and Rear Admiral was know as Rear Admiral (Upper Half) [R.Adm. (UH)].
E* Senior enlisted rank.
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