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Kingdom of the Netherlands Armed Forces
Aircraft in use by the Militaire Luchtvaart on 10 May 1940
Designation Type Manufacturer Ready / On Hand Name
8A-3N Light Bomber (used as fighters) Douglas (USA) 11 / 17  
Bü-131 Utility Bücker (Germany)   "Jungmann"
C-V  (C-5) Reconnaissance Fokker 24  
C-IX  (C-9) Reconnaissance Fokker 5  
C-X  (C-10) Long Range Reconnaissance Fokker 14 / 16  
D-VIIA Cargo Fokker    
D-XVI  (D-16) Advanced Trainer (obsolescent fighter) Fokker    
D-XVII  (D-17) Advanced Trainer (used as fighters) Fokker 7 / 11  
D-XXI  (D-21) Fighter Fokker 28 / 35  
FK-51 Advanced Trainer (used for reconnaissance) Koolhoven 30 / 54  
Fw-56B-2 Trainer Focke Wulfe (Germany)    
G.1A Fighter Fokker 24 / 35  
G.1B Fighter [1] Fokker 3 / 26  
NA-27 Advanced Trainer North American (USA)    
S-IIA  (S-2A) Trainer Fokker    
S-IV  (S-4) Trainer Fokker    
T-V  (T-5) Bomber Fokker 9 / 16  
[1] These 26 Fokker G-1B were export models originally destined for Finland which had been requisitioned by the Dutch. However, none of them were armed on 10.05.40.
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