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Motor Infantry Division
May 1940
Motor Infantry Division
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Motor Infantry Divisions in France, May 1940
50 Motor
MG  G. Le Q. Martel
25 Infantry [1]
BG  W.H.O. Ramsden
    1/7 Queen's
    2 Essex
    1 RIF
150 Infantry
BG  C.W. Haydon
    4 E Yorks
    4 Green Howards
    5 Green Howards
151 Infantry
BG  J.A. Churchill
    6 DLI
    8 DLI
    9 DLI
72 Field
74 Field
92 Field [1]
65 Antitank
232 Field
505 Field
242 Field [1]
235 Field Park
4 NF (motorcycle)
50 Provost Company
50 Postal Unit
12 Mobile Bath Unit
[1] The 50th Motor Infantry Division was in the process of converting to a three brigade organization, absorbing the 25th Brigade, additional RASC sections (from 5th Division), and the 92nd Field Regiment (from 5th Division) on the 07.05.1940.
The 242nd Field Company (from GHQ Troops) and the 183rd Field Ambulance (from 46th Division) were assigned on 13.05.1940. The engineer company reached the division on 19.05.1040, the medical unit did not join the division at all during the campaign in France.
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