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Spanish Armed Forces
Abbreviation Meaning in English Meaning in Spanish
Bandera Battalion (in the Legion) —  
CASE Auxiliary Corps of Technicians Cuerpo Auxiliar de Subalternos del Ejército  
Cazadores de África African Light Infantry (Spanish colonists) —  
GFRI Volunteer infantry troops of the Spanish Army, largely recruited in Ceuta and Melilla Grupo de Fuerzas Regulares Indígenas (aka Regulares
Mehal'la Military force under the Jalifa (Sultan of Morocco, the supreme moorish authority) of the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco Fuerzas Jalifianas
JEMA Chief-of-Staff of the Navy jefe del Estado Mayor de la Armada
… LCC Light Tank … ... Ligero de Carros de Combat
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer (Sergeant)
OR Other Ranks (includes soldiers and corporals; plus NCO, unless specified separately.)
Tabor Battalion (in the GFRI or Mehal'la) —  
TTEEGG Spanish Guinea Territorios Españoles del Golfo de Guinea
TSH Radio (lit. telegraph without wires) Telegrafía Sin Hilos
Ship Types by Hull Classification
AGS Surveying Ship
AP Transport
ATS Salvage and Rescue Vessel
BB Battleship
CA Heavy Cruiser
CL Light Cruiser
DD Destroyer
IX Unclassified, miscellaneous  
PG Gunboat
PGM Gunboat / Minelayer
PR River Gunboat
PT Torpedo Boat
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