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Roman numerals explained Ango-Saxon Weights and Measures why this site exists and is not finished ...

I find GIF diagrams afford the best visual way to present the material.
The diagrams are fixed in size.
You should set your monitor resolution to at least 1024 x 768 pixels to avoid having to scroll back and forth.
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Please note that
– the spelling of many place names varies over the course of the years and often depends on the originating language and country.
– different countries have different spelling for foreign places, areas, regions, countries, etc.

I have endeavoured to check the spelling of names in this site to ensure accuracy; however be aware of variations from present day spelling. Furthermore, I have applied those designations I am familiar with. So, adopt a liberal approach in your research in the interpretation of the entries.

You may be thinking these pages are too simple and drab.
There are no advertisements,
there are no e-mail envelopes flipping over and over,
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Just lots of gif's, some text, a few tables (in clean HTML 4.01 Transitional).
NO q@!x#& FRAMES !!!!!!!!!!
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    CSE HTML Validator Lite   —   HTML Validator [Free version discontinued, but standard version well worth the price.]
    Paint Shop Pro   —   JASC Software. [My main drawing tool. Taken over by Corel, and ruined. I use with version 5.01 (1998).]
    Mapedit   —   Boutell Com [Outline any object on a GIF, and it automatically makes an link. Unfortunately now defunct.]
    Tableizer!  —   Danny Sanchez [Simple online ap to convert text or spreadsheets to very basic HTML tables. Just great.]
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