Please read this first

Requests for information for which you will not get a response...
I just do not have enough time or, frankly, the interest to answer all e-mails.
I will not reply to the following types of questions, (I haven't been doing so anyway, this just makes it formal).

Requests for information that already exists within this site.

Requests to do school assignments.

Requests for information about a relative, (except my own, that is).
I don't have this type of information, and I don't know how or where to get it.

Requests not related to orders of battle or tables of organization and equipment.
Come on fellas, that's the only thing this site is about.

I DO welcome corrections, criticism, recommendations, additional data,
and of course, acclaim, (yeah, well...), praise (hit me again), adulation (cough, cough), . . .

So, here you go:
Leo_Niehorster [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com